BeTween sessions for teens and tweens by Goldsboro, NC portrait photographer Just BECCA

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BeTween Sessions are specially designed portrait sessions for kids ages
9-14 to showcase their unique personality and style. They are a fun opportunity for teens and tweens to celebrate who they are and where they are right now in life. Not quite a little kid, not quite a teenager, this age group has their own opinion about what is cool and this is their chance to show it off to the world!  BeTWeenBeTween Sessions by Just BECCABeTween Sessions by Just BECCA

BeTween sessions are a chance to capture those last little moments of innocence and childhood that are often hidden amongst the teenaged fashion choices and dramatic facial expressions of these transitional years. They also give teens and tweens an opportunity to express themselves in a positive way and see how uniquely beautiful they are in a world where there simply isn't enough of that! I worked with several young models for some promotional images, allowing them to choose much of their own styling and posing and just be themselves, the way they want to be seen. They all came alive in their own way during their model session, letting their personality shine. I'll be sharing a mini gallery from each one soon but there are some sneak peeks below! Each model was totally different, with their own style, interests, and personality and that's exactly what these sessions are all about. All BeTween sessions will include a chance to plan out styling and outfits, choose the perfect location, shoot a custom portrait session, and review the proofs to see their awesome portraits and how beautiful they really are. 

Booking starts May 1 with a limited number of sessions available during summer break for the months of June, July & August. You can view the special package options for BeTween sessions here. To take a look at the model sessions for Madi, Caroline, Kyle, & Maggie click their photos below! 

To book your session, you can fill out this contact form just or give me a call at 919-222-8566. I'll be glad to answer any questions you have! 



Caroline, the fashion forward science lover (click to view her model session)



Madi, the nature loving dreamer & country cutie (click to view her model session)





Kyle, the All-American athlete with a stylish edge (click to view his model session)



Maggie, the spunky dancer who makes her own style trends (click to view her model session) 

So, how did these sessions come about?

Awhile back I did a session for a client, neighbor, and friend of her daughter with her chicken. She chose her own wardrobe and I let her do her own thing since it was mostly just for fun. The results were magic!  I'm sure some people thought we had lost our minds but it turned out to be one of my all time favorite portraits! I printed the photo below on a large canvas, hung it in the studio, took it with me to events, and not only did I love it, but she loved it, her family loved it, and it got compliments every time someone saw it because it was so purely her and such a perfect capture of her life at that age, when she wasn't quite a teenager and but not really a little girl anymore either. I knew I needed to do more of this--to give more kids an opportunity to express themselves in this way and give their parents a memory of these last fleeting moments of childhood. 

These sessions grew out of a recurring conversation with my friends and clients. We often talked about how no matter what else changes, the tween years always seem to remain somewhat the same. Do you remember middle school? I do. No matter how much I try to forget! The clothes! The drama. The uncertainty. The sometimes secretly flirting with boys but also secretly playing with Barbies sometimes. The hair! The growth spurts. The attitude. It is a time of so many changes, but not so many celebrations--not many firsts happenings anymore, but not many lasts happening to celebrate yet either. Aside from annual school photos which generally don't capture their true personality or sports/dance or activity specific photos there just aren't a lot of calls to have your child photographed.  Until now! 

©JustBECCASweet Hannah Evelyn with her chicken, the portrait that started it all! ©JustBECCA


P.S. And just to put my money where my loud lipstick covered mouth is, here are 2 gems from my middle school years--big bangs, Sally Jesse Raphael glasses and all! I've always had an adventurous sense of fashion--hello 50 shades of plaid and button fly jeans, I see you and I ain't mad at you!!!--but the sheer awkwardness of the portraits is just painful. There is a better way! I promise! (oh and the I didn't forget my uniform, I was the stat girl. so yeah, I don't get why i'm holding a basketball either.) 

My middle school awesomeness! My middle school awesomeness! My middle school awesomeness!






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