The way the Just BECCA senior rep program works is pretty simple:
I’m looking for fun high school seniors from Wayne & surrounding counties who have great personalities, unique style, amazing smiles, and strong character to represent Just BECCA as senior portrait reps for 2016-2017. There are a very limited number of spots available and no more than 2 reps will be selected per school.  If you apply and are selected we will set up your session between May and September 2016. Regular senior portrait session fees will apply to your session and you will be asked to only represent Just BECCA as a senior rep/model through June 2017. We will plan out a custom portrait session with multiple outfit changes and locations to create a one of a kind senior collection for you. You’ll be featured on promotional materials, will appear on the Just BECCA website & social media pages, and you’ll even get to choose your favorite images for your own Just BECCA referral rep card if you’d like!  After your session is complete, you can earn free and discounted prints, albums and other products, cap & gown/college sessions, graduation announcements, etc for every senior you refer who books their senior portrait session with Just BECCA for 2016-2017 and lists you as their referral. They don’t have to be from the same school, as long as they are class of 2017 the referral counts! 


Applications will be accepted from March 1-31, 2016 for rising seniors to represent Just BECCA photo as senior portrait reps for the 2016-2017 school year. Please include 2 photos of yourself when you submit your application--1 headshot & 1 full body shot--selfies are fine! You can download the application here:    


Email completed forms to [email protected] to apply. If you have trouble downloading the application use the contact form to send me a message and I'll be glad to email you a copy of the pdf. 



Do I need modeling experience?

No! Being comfortable in front of the camera helps but modeling experience is not required. I’m looking for style & personality in my senior reps, people who are unique individuals!! 


How are the reps selected?

Once applications are received, reps are selected by the photographer based on personality, social media presence, individuality, openness to creative photo ideas, and overall style.  Occasionally, I will speak with applicants on the phone or in person to interview them but most decisions are made based on the information provided on your application. The first round of applications will be accepted March 1-31, 2016 and the first selections will be announced in April 2016. Students may apply for the rep program after the first round and applications will be considered throughout the school year but no more than 2 reps will be selected per school so apply early for the best chance to be selected.


Do I have to pay for my session if I am selected?

Yes, the regular session fee applies to your session. Once your session is completed, you will have the opportunity to earn referral credits to use towards  free or discounted prints, canvas wraps, albums, cap & gown or prom sessions, graduation announcements, etc. when you refer other seniors. This way, there is no minimum number of referrals required and you are not penalized at the end of the year if for some reason you do not get any referrals. 


What do  I have to do? How do I earn credits?

Share your experience! Post on social media, tell your friends, hand out your rep cards, tag other seniors, interact online, get your friends & parents to help too! As long a the person you refer is Class of 2017, you get credit for the referral, even if they don’t go to your school so hand out your referral rep cards at work, after school, at youth group, etc. Remember, the sooner your book your session the longer you will have to earn referral credits! 


Can I still have my tuxedo/drape photo or team sports photos taken if I am selected?

Yes, school related photos, and even family photos are fine but you may not appear in photos, model calls, etc for other photographers or brands while you are representing Just BECCA as a senior rep. If you are currently in a contract with another brand or an agency, please note this on your application so we can discuss the options available. 


What happens if I am disqualified as a rep?
If, for some reason, you are found to have broken the rules of the program (for example, breaking the exclusivity clause or participating in behavior that could reflect poorly on the student, the photographer, or the studio) and are disqualified as a rep, you will not be eligible to earn referral credits and any unused credits may be forfeited. Another rep may be selected as a replacement to represent your school.